Better English Writing – Sleep On It

Here is a powerful tip on writing a good paper, essay, article, report, dissertation, proposal – any piece of writing. This tip is so useful and important that I feel it requires its own article. Put simply, the suggestion is to sleep on it! Sounds easy, but it is a little more involved than it at first appears. Let’s consider a concise explanation of what it means to sleep on it, the process involved, and the benefits derived. Read more ….

Better English Writing – Make a Skeleton

Before you start writing your thesis, article, assignment, or any other important piece of work, you need to plan two things: when you need to complete your task and what you are going to write. The when was discussed in a previous article entitled: “Better English Writing – Sleep On It.” In this article we will discuss making an outline of what you will write. As you may know, an outline or plan is like a skeleton and the actual article is like the rest of the body. This article will concisely explain how to make a plan and why it is so very, very important to do so. Read more ….

Better English Writing – No Sugar for You

Imagine your trusted family doctor told you that you had to immediately stop all consumption of sugar. No chocolate, no ice-cream, no sugar in hot beverages, no sugar at all! How would you respond? Would you immediately dismiss his advice, or would you want to know more? For example, would you want to know why he is recommending such drastic action? That is what the introduction to your article, assignment or paper should achieve. After reading your introduction, your readers should not only understand what your article is about, they should also ‘want to know more.’ They should want to read on. This article will explain three techniques writers use to arouse interest in the introduction of their pieces of writing. Read more ....

A Humorous Traveller's Tale – Chutney Mary Indian Fast Food​ ​

I’m here in Kuala Lumpur International Airport waiting for a flight to Sydney. It’s about 10:30 pm and my flight doesn’t leave until 1:15 am. Then I’m to endure an eight hour plane journey before arriving in Sydney at 9:30 st (stomach time). I think I might have something to tide me over since it’s unlikely that I’ll actually eat before 10:30 st. Read more . . .

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